SMEs are the backbone of almost every major economy around the globe!

Founded with a clear purpose -“To unleash an SME's full potential by maximising its cashflow management”.
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A team dedicated to see you succeed!

Our team at Trade Funding are passionate about small and medium sized businesses. We understand and appreciate the effort it takes, sacrifices made and glory of breaking through barriers, when starting, building and running a business. “Its not Easy!”
In today's world Technology is having a growing impact on the financial service products available to businesses, challenging the status-quo and providing new and innovative ways to access capital, process payments and much more. Yet small business owners are still faced with cash flow challenges and at times unaware of the options available to them.

We exist to simplify financial services for Australian SME businesses. At Trade Funding, we bring lending products and payment solutions together in one place, tailored to each business's unique needs. We help businesses access the right products for growth and identify cost-saving opportunities in their payment processes. By providing expertise, guidance, and a centralised platform, we empower SMEs to make informed financial decisions, save money, and thrive.

Our Values

Underpinning everything we do and stand for.

Act with Integrity

Integrity is not just a value; it is the bedrock upon which we build our success and reputation. We believe that acting with integrity is the only path to sustainable growth and meaningful relationships with our stakeholders. With an unwavering commitment to ethical conduct, we strive to be transparent, honest, and accountable in all our interactions..integrity is not negotiable—it defines who we are and shapes our journey towards a better future.
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Keep it Simple

Running a business is far from simple. Add the fact that financial service products have always had a stigma for being overly complicated to understand. At Trade Funding, it is within our DNA to keep things simple, from the process to the understanding of each product. Life is hard enough!
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To be Integrated

Whether you are a customer or partner, we consider how we can become an integrated part of your business, this can be in the way we work together and support your business, to just showing up at the work Christmas party to celebrate a great year. Either way we are here for the long term.
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Always Deliver

Deliver results, deliver on promises, find alternatives, give options, to ensure we are always delivering value to our customers, our partners, our providers and our people. Less talking and more delivering!
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