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Join a community of partners and help ambitious businesses get the next generation of finance products —from cards and loans to payments and foreign exchange accounts.
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We’ve partnered with Australia's leading providers

Partner and see the magic

Partner with one of the worlds most diversified financial services marketplaces for SME businesses and offer your customers a consolidated financial services platform. Trade Funding has sourced the best products available across lending and payments to drive growth and cut costs in our customer businesses.
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Provide a simple process

Trade Funding delivers a best-in-class experience to partners and customers. With a completely hands off process for you, we take all the work out of solving financial services problems for your customers on your behalf.
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To be integrated

Reach new customers with co-branded materials, and be rewarded for every successful client you refer to Trade Funding.
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Grow your business

Access and leverage our marketplace to support your own business grow. Whether it be a point of sale solution to increase the sales conversions of your product or service or, to diversify your product offering by supporting your business customers with alternative products that add value to them.
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Our partnership programs

Unlock endless possibilities for growth by partnering with Trade Funding to either integrate finance with your product or service or simply refer and earn to give your customers an experience you’re both going to love.

Referral Partners

Be rewarded with referring your SMEs customers to Trade Funding. Whether it be to increase your sales, improve your payment terms, an ancillary product offering or potential revenue share. Trade Funding’s referral program is a perfect solution for accounting firms, consultants, financial brokers and institutions, suppliers, retailers and more.

Product or service Partners

Have an awesome product and or service for SMEs? We are always on the lookout for great new products that can add value to our customers.

Affiliate Partners

Tailored to content-based affiliates with a focus on SME businesses. Trade Funding can support you with content for your audience and support with education of new products and services across financial services, including Fintech, lending and payments.

Let us help you take your business to the next level!

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We’ve partnered with Australia's leading providers