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Need to purchase equipment or complete a new fitout? We have you covered with access to a range of equipment finance solutions to best suit your needs.
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Purchasing new equipment or completing a new fitout can be expensive and if not planned, can really impact your cash flow.

Whether you are purchasing new, or used, locally or internationally, we have you covered with our access to tailored products.

Features for all scenarios.


Limits from $5,000 - $1,000,000.

Limited restrictions

No age restrictions on equipment and can finance equipment both locally and internationally.


Option for deferred payments.

Cashflow friendly

Terms of up to 7 years.
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Standard terms and conditions apply. Subject to credit approval.

What best describes you




Packing machinery

Shop fitout

Gym equipment

Display cabinet

Medical equipment

CNC machinery

Coffee machine

Supporting customers on their full purchasing journey.

Customer Scenario
Thomas has a fast growing food wholesale business. With orders coming in thick and fast, Thomas needed to buy a new packing machine that would increase his output by 10 fold. After realising that if he sourced from the manufacturer directly in Europe he would save over $35,000. Thomas leveraged the cash he had in the business for his stock purchases to buy the equipment and Trade Funding provided access to a sales leaseback which put the cash back in the business to support the supplier payments.

Net result, Trade Funding helped save up to 40% on the foreign exchange for the purchase from Europe and placed the cash flow back in the business to keep things running smoothly.
Thomas,Vic, Australia.
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It's easy to apply

With minimum eligibility criteria, we are committed to supporting Australian businesses.
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